> OBJECT Hermia at Warburg Models
*Architectural Association, London, UK

> OBJECT Hermia at Warburg Models
*Warburg Haus, Hamburg, GER

> OBJECT Hermia at Unspoken Knowledge 
*ETH Zurich

> SUMMER SCHOOL Re-enacting Tacit Knowledge
in collaboration with TACK
*Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, NL

> INSTALLATION Motion of Scales 
in collaboration with Marianna Czwojdrak
*NORDES21 Conference, Kolding, DK

> MASTER’S THESIS Nets Stretched into the Unknown. Bauhaus women in British Exile with the context of the exhibition Notes on Architecture ‘I’m Here’
*Architekturgalerie, Berlin, GER
*M Books, Weimar, GER

> CURATION & DESIGN  Warburg Models
in collaboration with AHO
*Guttormsgaards Arkiv, Blaker, NO

> CURATION & DESIGN Handle with Care: Unpacking a Bulky Table
in collaboration with BauhausLAB 2019
*Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, GER
*09/2019 - 01/2020

> OBJECT Für Draufsetzer Furniture Design
*Chamber of Crafts, Düsseldorf, GER