> LECTURE Performing Material Dramaturgy in Architectural Education: A Demonstration Lecture
*Oslo School of Architecture and Design
*Oslo, NO

> LECTURE Material Dramaturgy: Tracing Trails of Dust in the Architectural Design Process
*Cluster of Excellence Matters of Activity, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
*Berlin, GER

> LECTURE Warburg Models: Buildings as Bilderfahrzeuge
*Architectural Association School of Architecture
*London, UK

> LECTURE Māterial Dramaturgy: Celebrating Tenderness in the Architectural Design Process
*MA Spiel&Objekt at Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch
*Berlin, GER

> CONFERENCE Unpacking Hermia
*Final TACK Conference ‘Tacit Knowledge in Architecture’ at ETH Zurich
*Zurich, CH

> CONFERENCE Associations, memories and trust: Material dramaturgy as constructive criticism for future compositions in architecture
*International Symposium 2022 ‘(BUILDING) NEW PERSPECTIVE through Practice-led Research in Art, Design and Architecture’
*Riga, LAT

> CONFERENCE Sculptural puzzle. A conversation essay about model making, rituals and material literacy in architecture
*International Conference TU Darmstadt 2022 ‘Are You a Model?’
*Darmstadt, GER

> LECTURE Methods of Research 
*Pre-diploma Course spring 2022
*Oslo School of Architecture and Design, NO

> CONFERENCE Sculptural puzzle. Model making as a collaborative process in contemporary architectural practice
*Storbykonferansen 2021 ‘Urban Crisis’ 
*Oslo, NO

> CONFERENCE Motion of Scales
in collaboration with Marianna Cwojdrak
*Nordes Conference 2021 ‘Matters of Scale’ 
*Kolding, DK

> CONFERENCE Presence, presentation & representation: Between model making and mediation of material in architectural pracitce during Covid-19
*CA2RE+ Conference 2021 ‘Reflection’
*Online/ Hamburg, GER

> LECTURE Bauhaus women, displaced objects and British exile 
*From the Archives: The history and theory of Norwegian Architecture 1945-1980
*Oslo School of Architecture and Design, NO

> LECTURE Emigrée – London contexts 1930s
*Collecting Architecture: Waburg Models
*Oslo School of Architecture and Design, NO

> CONFERENCE Handle with care: Unpacking a bulky table
in collaboration with BauhausLAB 2019
*Bauhaus Conference ‘Collecting Bauhaus’
*Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, GER

> CONFERENCE Nets stretched into the unknown. Bauhaus women in British exile.
*Design History Society Annual Conference ‘The Cost of Design’
*Northumbira University, Newcaste-upon-Tyne, UK

> LECTURE Nets stretched into the unknown. Bauhaus women in British exile.
*Isokon Gallery, London, UK