> PAPER The (hidden) collective power of Bauhaus women
*2024 In Women Writing Architecture (online)

> PAPER Sculptural Puzzles: A Conversation Essay About Model-Making, Rituals and Material Literacy in Architecture
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ISBN: 978-3-9861207-2-6

> DOCTORAL THESIS Material Dramaturgy: Tracing Trails of Dust in the Architectural Design Process
*2024 Trübenbach, Mara. PhD Thesis, Oslo School of Architecture and Design.
ISBN: 978-82-547-0368-7

> PAPER The Second Skin: Sensory and Experiential Knowledge in Performing Arts and Fashion Design Practice
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ISBN 978-3-907363-31-7

> ARTICLE Scale in Passing: Re-calibrating Narrowness Through Spatial Interventions
coauthored with Marianna Czwojdrak
*2023 in Artifact: Journal of Design Practice 9 (1-2): Pp. 27.1–27.17. 
ISSN 1749-3463

> PAPER Presence, Presentation & Representation: Between Model Making and Mediation of Material in Architectural Practice during Covid-19
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> INTERVIEW with Mara Trübenbach by Verena von Beckerath
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> ARTICLE A Table Design by Marcel Breuer. Tracing the Multifaceted Lives of an Object 
coauthored with Bauhaus Lab 2019
* 2019 in Bauhaus Magazine issue 11 - Centenary. Spector Books: Pp. 174–179.
ISBN 978-3-95905-340-2

> CHAPTER Mapping the Crisscross: The Power of Outsider Networks
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ISBN 978-3-95905-355-6